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KO6TZ Bob my.callsign at verizon.net
Thu Sep 1 22:55:48 UTC 2016

 From the text that you copied, I am certain what you saw was my CQ call 
thru the satellite NO-84.

The macro I use is as follows;

     "text": " cq  cq satellite MYCALL MYCALL "

This text would be sent continuously while calling CQ.  The satellite 
users rely on multi decoders for the downlink PSK-31. Each side of the 
contact or Keyboard QSO would be at a different frequency on the waterfall.

As Bob, WB4APR, mentioned, the PSK-31 signal is Doppler shifted by the 
program I use to transmit.  This signal will be skewed to the point it 
will be hard copy to a terrestrial station.  The opposite is also true, 
I am usually unable to copy more than short segment of terrestrial station.

I hope this was helpful.


Its more interesting that that too.

The reason the 28.118 MHz user uplink has Doppler on it, is because he is
using N0SM's pre-compensated Doppler uplink software.  See

With this software, you can run your normal PSK31 software for monitoring
the 435.350 MHz FM downlink and run full duplex with N0SM's TX software
for your 28.1xx uplink.  And the uplink is pre-shifted for Doppler so that
everyone seeing the downlink will see your signal constant.

And since it is full duplex, you can be typing with comments to everyone
in the passband at the same time while watching their comments too.  Bob,

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NO-84 has a PSK transponder, 10m up and UHF FM down.

73, Drew KO4MA

 > On Sep 1, 2016, at 2:57 PM, Don Hawbaker via FLWSS <flwss at flwss.net>
 > I was hearing a station on about 28118 KHz last night running PSK31
calling CQ satellite with drift, but since it says CQ satellite, I guess
it could have been Doppler shift.  Anybody know how this could happen?
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