[amsat-bb] Software Problems

Joe nss at mwt.net
Sun Oct 23 18:47:55 UTC 2016


OK, Here we go I got all of them to say the same thing.

OK The original two still agree, and agree with that web page.

SatPC32 it took the offset from Auto to manually entering for me now -5, 
and Boom it too matches now.

Orbitron, Not sure whats still happening there. But if I tell it to load 
TLE's and choose the one from say the Sat look down set, and use that, 
it then asks to load new ones even tho that one is lie just now 
refreshed. if I say yes, bad out put.  But if i choose to lead the sat 
look down one from nasabare, and say NO when orbitron wants to update, 
then it also matches!

Like crazy huh?


Awesome group of people here!

The Original Rolling Ball Clock
Idle Tyme
On 10/23/2016 1:36 PM, Tom schuessler wrote:
> Another point to mention in SatPC32 is to set up is to make sure that you have the correct time offset. In the settings observer dialogue you either need to manually set your offset or use the "auto" setting to properly track DST/non-DST time. Else manually set it to minus whatever your offset is for non-DST and one hour or less for DST. The "Half an orbit off" issue probably is as much related to this setting as anything.  I normally set the offset manually then have to remember the next time I open after the DES P change to fix it again.
> Tom N5HYP
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