[amsat-bb] Software Problems

Joe nss at mwt.net
Sun Oct 23 16:17:49 UTC 2016

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The Original Rolling Ball Clock
Idle Tyme
On 10/23/2016 10:38 AM, w4upd wrote:
>  SatPC32 needs to have the correct coordinates put in. You have to 
> make sure that the longitude and latitude are the correct polarity as 
> well.
I think to the 4th decimal point should be accurate enough?
-90.0826 actual was -90.0825925
Same accuracy with Latitude.

As far as time goes, I use, a program called Net time. it runs in the 
background and is constantly monitoring the PC clock.
It is set to Up-Date the PC clock if it is more than 0.1 seconds off.
Being Leary of internet lag, when i first installed the program I was 
constantly comparing it to WWV directly over the air, , and it was 
always spot on.
> I would definitely check your system time and date as well as QTH 
> settings. Insure the time displayed is correct based on your settings 
> in regards to local or UTC. I find that all of my programs come within 
> seconds are less of each other for tracking.
A second off would be an eternity for me.
I run WSPR with zero difficulties, and they say you must be less than a 
second off for that.

Plus think even if I was what 5 minutes off. wouldn't all 4 programs 
show the same error amount?

> Reid. W4UPD
> On 10/23/2016 10:55 AM, Joe wrote:
>> I am really excited about getting back on the Birds after a 40+ year 
>> absence.
>> I've done EME, MS, AU, and all sorts of weak signal stuff on 144Mhz.
>> I've played the DX and contesting on HF.
>> All has been fun, but none except for the EME has given the most 
>> happiness than the memories of playing with the birds in the late 70's
>> Now let me know, I can take this off list if members here want me to, 
>> But This excitement is quickly turning into disgust. To the point I'm 
>> just about to say screw it and forget about Sat work again.
>> I am in the need of help with prediction programs.
>> Man in the late 70's it was the ARRL bulletin with keps etc. and a 
>> Oscar Locator.
>> Now we got ultra cool software programs that all are incredible! 
>> Except for me, I can not trust ANY of them.  I have been testing 
>> several to see what I will make my primary program. BUT...... and 
>> there always is a "BUT" isn't there? I can not say what one to "Trust"
>> The four I have installed are...
>> SatLookDown1_28
>> HRDSatTrack
>> Orbitron
>> SatPC32
>> Now of course they all use the same computer clock. And it is 
>> accurate to less than a tenth of a second.
>> Each one periodically ask to Up-Date the TLE's and I say "YES" and 
>> let them do it all on their own. I change NOTHING on where they get 
>> their data.
>> The run them.
>> The,
>> SatLookDown1_28 & HRDSatTrack, both agree very closely. Almost to the 
>> second.
>> But the Orbitron, is off, WAY off. like 15 minutes off.
>> And the SatPC32 is even worse the sat is like 1/2 an orbit off!
>> Now the ones that agree also match the page
>> http://www.amsat.org.ar/pass.htm#
>> So my guess they are the ones showing correct data.
>> Now what to do about the other two. How can I make them show correct 
>> passes?
>> Remember I can take this off list if no one wants to read about this...
>> Just let me know,
>> Joe WB9SBD
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