[amsat-bb] Wordwide Amsats

Gerald Payton gp_ab5r at outlook.com
Thu Oct 20 18:46:06 UTC 2016

On an impulse, I Googled the word "Amsat."  I came up with 17 countries using the prefix of AMSAT for their sites (including JAMSAT for Japan).  I knew that the hobby extended worldwide, but didn't know there were that many.  There may be more that I missed.

It occurs to me that there could be much to share and learn from each other.  However, there would be language barriers for sure, other hurdles possibly.

Stations operating on or near the North America coasts are able to make international contacts using the present LEO birds.  What about the future Phase 4 and 5 satellites?  These will provide a much different coverage footprint.

NOT being an "internet nerd", I wonder if there is some central website that could be created that would link all of these 17 possibilities instead of painstakingly searching for the correct URL?

Any thoughts out there?  Yah or Nay.

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