[amsat-bb] First time setting up SatPC32 with FT817

Chris Storey chrisrstorey at gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 12:51:38 UTC 2016

I just installed and set up Sat32PC for the first time using a single FT817
(will be adding a second 817 and/or SDR dongle shortly) and have a some

How necessary/critical is the Doppler calibration for working the SSB sats
compared to the file that comes with the Sat32PC package? Is this
calibration "required" or "nice to have?" Can I use a copy of someone
else's calibration file, or will it be too far off to be of any real use
until I can get a good enough antenna system set up to do a proper
calibration on my own?

I am unable to find Fox-1A/AO-85 in the setup files released with the
latest release of Sat32PC. What parameters do I need to enter into the
setup file to get this one to show up in the list of available satellites?

When selecting the NOAA APT satellites, they show up in the lists but do
not set the FT817 to the downlink frequency. Is there something different I
need to do when selecting these satellites?

Thanks for you help! I have only been on the FM satellites with HT's and
this is my first foray into the linear satellites.I am very excited to
expand this portion of my hobby!

Chris Storey
DM03 - Southern California

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