[amsat-bb] Grid Day Trip: EN95 + FN05

Ken Alexander k.alexander at rogers.com
Sun Oct 16 03:49:08 UTC 2016

Hi All!

Tomorrow (Sunday Oct 16) I'm going to spend a few hours in Parry Sound, 
ON, the home town of Bobby Orr, and near the EN95/FN05 boundary.  I 
don't know of a location where I can set up on the common grid 
boundary.  I haven't been there in a while.  If I'm able to find one I 
will use it for the passes listed below. If not I'll do several passes 
from EN95 and then some from FN05.  Follow @ve3hls on Twitter for details.

I have included a few AO-7 passes in the hope that AO-7 will be in Mode 
B tomorrow.  However, at the moment it looks like tomorrow might be a 
"Mode A day".  If that turns out to be the case then you can scratch the 
AO-7 passes.

There are no usable XW-2x passes during this period.

73 and hope to work you tomorrow!




*DayObjectsAOS (U) LOS Period maxElAZ*


*16.10.2016SO-5014:02 14:100819164 - 055*

*16.10.2016FO-2914:18 14:301219098 - 002*

*16.10.2016SO-5015:41 15:511057228 - 031*

*16.10.2016FO-2915:59 16:171876157 - 348*

*16.10.2016FO-2917:46 18:011524214 - 333*

*16.10.2016AO-0718:03 18:171423102 - 354*

*16.10.2016AO-8519:44 19:520819159 - 055*

*16.10.2016AO-0719:53 20:111884159 - 343*

*16.10.2016AO-8521:23 21:331061225 - 032*

*16.10.2016AO-0721:48 22:031520217 - 326*

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