[amsat-bb] Global Geo SATCOM system? and WSPR back

Stewart Todd Morgan morgan_st at bellsouth.net
Sat Oct 8 01:14:58 UTC 2016

Just so folks are aware, some amateur radio balloons have been using 
WSPR in conjunction with APRS in order to track global flights.  For 
example, W7QO has used WSPR transmitters on solar powered floater 
flights at about 13000 meters/40000 ft.  The data are collected using 
the global WSPR network, and then an APRS posit is created to make the 
balloon's position available.

If you look at https://tracker.habhub.org at the present time, you can 
see one W7QO's balloons (the HIRFW-6 flight presently near the 
Mediterranean Sea) that use use this WSPR/APRS combination.  The balloon 
is transmitting WSPR on 20 meters, and you can see it on the WSPR map, 
although the WSPR call changes (I believe it depends on position).  
HIRFW-5 is another such flight that is currently aloft.


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