[amsat-bb] QSO Protocol

Jim Walls jim at k6ccc.org
Sun Oct 2 23:04:44 UTC 2016

On 10/2/2016 15:11, Jeff Yanko wrote:
> I would suspect that most people make QSO's via the birds to obtain 
> awards, certificates, etc.  In a lot of cases, not all, grids are 
> required.  That's why if you notice most QSL's printed up now have the 
> grid square listed along with possibly CQ and ITU zones.  10 years 
> back, I've never recalled a QSL with the grid square listed.

This web page shows a revision date in 2000.  Both cards with my current 
call shows have the four digit grid square printed on the card.  
Although I  can't positively state it, I assume the "terrestrial" card 
was printed shortly after I changed callsign in 1997.

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