[amsat-bb] Yaesu G5500 Rotator

Michael Mat_62 at charter.net
Mon Mar 28 01:15:33 UTC 2016

I think I may just order it too anyway. Might be nice to have the extra 
hardware around just in case and if I don't use something, I can always 
save it for some other project. I have no tower, only a Rohn telescoping 
mast with a Cushcraft MA5B small beam on it. I'm probably going to nix 
the mast and move everything to a tripod mount further back on my roof. 
This should make everything easier to access as there is currently a 
pair of dogwoods near the beam that require
pruning every year to keep them from tangling in the antenna. The XYL 
has already nixed the idea of cutting them down. Plus I feel the tripod 
will keep everything low enough for me to work on it easily. I do all my 
own antenna work, I have no  one to help me. My grown son is very strong 
but unfortunately he is afraid of heights. I had a homebrew AZ/EL system 
on the mast a few years ago and the thing was a bear to raise and  lower 
the mast and I'm not as young as I used to be.
Michael, W4HIJ
On 3/27/2016 8:26 PM, Dave Webb KB1PVH wrote:

> The separation kit doesn't come with the rotor, it's an extra set of parts
> consisting of the following.
> S8002740 4 Units SPRING WASHER M6
> S8002742 4 Units WASHER (JIS) 6X13X1.0
> S8002736 4 Units HEX NUT (TYPE-1) M6
> S8002739 8 Units SPRING WASHER M8
> S8002741 8 Units WASHER (JIS) 8X18X1.6
> S8002665 8 Units HEX NUT M8
> S8002737 2 Units U BOLT M6 PE-7505-006-1
> S8002738 4 Units STUD M8X115 PE-7505-016-1
> S8003012 6 Units PIPE CLAMP PE-7505-060
> http://www.gigaparts.com/Product-Lines/Tower-Rotator-Accessories/Yaesu-SEP-KIT.html
> Dave-KB1PVH
> Sent from my Samsung S4
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