[amsat-bb] Yaesu G5500 Rotator

Dave Webb KB1PVH kb1pvh at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 00:26:18 UTC 2016

The separation kit doesn't come with the rotor, it's an extra set of parts
consisting of the following.

S8002740 4 Units SPRING WASHER M6
S8002742 4 Units WASHER (JIS) 6X13X1.0
S8002736 4 Units HEX NUT (TYPE-1) M6
S8002739 8 Units SPRING WASHER M8
S8002741 8 Units WASHER (JIS) 8X18X1.6
S8002665 8 Units HEX NUT M8
S8002737 2 Units U BOLT M6 PE-7505-006-1
S8002738 4 Units STUD M8X115 PE-7505-016-1
S8003012 6 Units PIPE CLAMP PE-7505-060



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