[amsat-bb] Ground Station Customized Softwares/ Software Development Kit

shakeel -ur-rehman shakeelj2k at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 25 04:58:37 UTC 2016

 We are in process of development of  Student Satellite Ground station for amateur satellite. we are using Satpc32 software for receiving satellite passes/telemtry for funcube.

Satellite Ground station software are mainly two types

1. Satellite Control related s/w
2. Satellite Mission related s/w
3. Satellite data archiver and ground station operation management

We need to know any customized SDK for our Satellite Ground Station which can further tailored for our customized need. I mean is there any Software Development Kit Free in part or whatever which can be used further and further developed  or customized to support our specific need. 

We donot know how to make any integrated IDE which includes drivers of our equipment. 

Is there any Telemtry software which can be used to archive all the telemtry /satellite passes daily. What professional software available in market specfic to H/W mention below. 

 we have the following main Hard Ware/Equipment.
 1. ICOM Transceiver 9100

 2. SPID RAS Azimuth/elev Rotor

3. Satpc32 software

4. UHF/VHF antennas and Amplifiers
 any help to find software tools/SDK for our ground station.I shall be very grateful .

Thanks and  Kind regards

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