[amsat-bb] GEO sats and the future (+ the OUTERNET)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Mar 24 20:44:47 UTC 2016

There is one other GEO  (possible AMSAT related) project going on.  That
is the OUTERNET satellites.  These are 6 GEO birds covering the entire
globe that anyone can build a downlink-only receiver using a Rasberry-PI,
a 1m dish, an LNB and a DSP dongle to receive the free content.  Their
mission is to deliver WEB content (one way) to anyplace on Earth.  Their
satellites exist and are working...

The news is that the content provider is willing to carry ham radio
content too..

We are proposing to make the "system" two-way for hams by having the
OUTERNET content provider tap into the APRS-Internet system and look for
amateur radio related OUTERNET traffic.  This way, any ham radio operator
on earth can originate traffic into the APRS-IS system marked-for OUTERNET
either by any of the existing APRS digipeater birds, or terrestrial
IGates, or HF Igates and that traffic will get into the system and into
the OUTERNET downlink.

Hence, a 2-way system for hams and ham-wannabees.

All the pieces are there... we are just trying to see how it could be
used...   Again, the remote-user can only originate single packet like
content due to the extremely small APRS input pipe. But the remote user
can Recceive the entire GLOBAL feed of APRS internet traffic...  SO how to
use that very unbalanced 2-way pipe is the area that is ripe for

Here are the thoughts so far.. http://aprs.org/outnet.html


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Just to summarize - right now, there are three serious HEO/GEO projects in

1. Phase 4A is the S/X linear transponder payload on the Qatari
Es'HailSat-2 scheduled to launch late this year. AMSAT-DL has done the
work on the amateur payload. It will be in a geostationary orbit that is
not visible to North America (26 degrees east).
2. Phase 4B is a planned C/X digital payload on a U. S. government
satellite launching in the next few years. AMSAT-NA and Virginia Tech are
involved with this. It will be in a geosynchronous, but not geostationary
orbit over the Western Hemisphere.
3. Phase 3E in a Molniya HEO orbit. AMSAT-NA and Virginia Tech are
involved with this. Transponder payloads TBD.

A global network of 3 linked geostationary satellites covering the whole
world would be pretty neat, but I think we'll need people to see what we
as a community can do with each of the two Phase 4 transponders planned
right now before the support (read $$$$$) for such a thing would be

73,  Paul, N8HM

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