[amsat-bb] Walter Jackson Elementary School - ARISS contact

Tim N8DEU n8deu at outlook.com
Sun Mar 20 15:11:26 UTC 2016

Walter Jackson Elementary School in
Decatur, Alabama had a successful ARISS radio contact
this past Friday morning. All 20 students received an answer to their
questions with full quieting reception for 90-95% of the pass.

Many thanks to the ARISS team for
making these contacts a reality in Amateur Radio and in the
development of the minds of young students growing to be our future

Here is a link to a short article with
some video of the event by our local newspaper:


are looking for some video from space during the Walter Jackson
Elementary School contact if there is anything with Timothy Peake. It would also be nice to find pictures or video
on things he talked about like performing experiments, drawing blood,
floating around the ISS, lighting on Earth, the aurora viewed from
ISS, and the exterior view of the ISS with Earth in background. This
would be really meaningful in assembling a video for those students
and the school. If you know  where any of these things can be found
or obtained we would like to hear from you.

We had members from several groups
participating in the event from AMSAT, the Decatur Amateur Radio
Club, the Huntsville Amateur Radio Club, and the Marshall Space
Flight Center Amateur Radio Club. 

At the Huntsville ARC club meeting on
Friday night, one of the members played an 8 minute recording
captured on the downlink from the ISS using only an HT and a hand
held beam antenna. The signal quality was very good on this simple
setup demonstrating what can be accomplished. This has really turned
out to be a fantastic event to promote interest in Amateur Radio
Satellite Communications. Several hams throughout the state have made
inquiries about our equipment setup. What a great way to promote
interest in Amateur Radio and satellite communications.


Tim - N8DEU


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