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Seems that many folks need clarification of some common operational terms.  Here are definitions from the radio regulations (2012 edition).

RR 1.125 simplex operation: Operating method in which transmission is made possible
alternately in each direction of a telecommunication channel, for example, by means of manual

RR 1.126 duplex operation: Operating method in which transmission is possible
simultaneously in both directions of a telecommunication channel2.

RR 1.127 semi-duplex operation: A method which is simplex operation at one end of the
circuit and duplex operation at the other.2

2 1.125.1, 1.126.1 and 1.127.1 In general, duplex operation and semi-duplex operation require two frequencies
in radiocommunication; simplex operation may use either one or two.

I hope this helps.

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