[amsat-bb] Satellite Connection

Rupert Hamblin rupert.hamblin at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 19:16:35 UTC 2016

Hi All,

Would be grateful for any advice or your thoughts on the following...!

Ok, so I have my station virtually completed now. I have the rotator 
setup correctly
and with the LVB Tracker interface unit and SatPC32 now tracking SATs 
correctly (it appears).
I have a 4 ELE (2M) and 9 ELE (70cm) on the rotator.

I can receive very good copy of downlinks from quite low passes on both 
2M & 70CM,
and I have recently had the FT-847 lab repaired and tested on output - 
which I know are
working ok.

The problem I have is - whichever satellite i try to work, low pass / 
high pass, SSB or FM, high power
or low power - I am unable to hear my own signal on the downlink and 
hence so far have no QSO's
....Any suggestions or clues as to what I may be doing wrong or have 
setup incorrectly...?

Would appreciate any clues / tips here ! :-)



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