[amsat-bb] Squelch setting on TH-D72a for FM birds - newbie question

Jim Walls jim at k6ccc.org
Thu Mar 17 14:19:14 UTC 2016

Short answer is yes.
 Jim - K6CCC

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Subject: [amsat-bb] Squelch setting on TH-D72a for FM birds - newbie 
Pretty excited I heard my first satellite tonight, but not without 
beginner's mistakes. I was not trying to hit the satellite with TX tonight, 
just listening to learn the proper exchange.

I think I did my homework and have programmed SO-50 frequencies in my 
TH-D72a correctly. I put the radio TX in the VFO "B" position, and all of 
the RX in the "A" and turned on full duplex. I left the squelch one up from 
open. I hooked my arrow antenna up, and held the antenna right at the 
satellite. Nothing. Then I switched to VFO A (RX) and held the monitor 
(squelch open) and heard some folks. While still in VFO A, I switched 
memory locations while holding the monitor on, to make sure I was on 
frequency (these RX memories account for doppler). When I heard a QSO, I 
let go of the monitor and the signal did not break squelch.

So my question: Must I leave squelch all the way wide open when working FM 

If so, I guess that I need to buy some headphones so I do not introduce 
feedback into the TX side while in full duplex.

Could some of you seasoned satellite folks help a new guy out?

thank you
Kevin (KK4YEL)

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