[amsat-bb] Squelch setting on TH-D72a for FM birds - newbie question

Daniel Estévez daniel at destevez.net
Thu Mar 17 11:36:08 UTC 2016

El 17/03/16 a las 11:36, kevino z escribió:

> So my question: Must I leave squelch all the way wide open when working FM satellites? 
> If so, I guess that I need to buy some headphones so I do not introduce feedback into the TX side while in full duplex. 

Dear Kevin,

Yes and yes. It is usual to leave the squelch open. Although during most
of the pass the signal would be enough to open your squelch if you leave
it in the lowest setting, really the squelch setting is the last thing
you should be worrying about.

Using headphones to avoid feedback is a must. It also helps you a little
to pick signals out of the noise in bad conditions.


Dani EA4GPZ.

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