[amsat-bb] DSA Amateur Radio Club Balloon Launch

Skyler F electricity440 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 5 02:28:04 UTC 2016

Hi everyone again,

Here is the follow up on my High School's Balloon launch, it was a success,
and we had a lot of fun with the launch. Unfortunately APRS did not ever
obtain a GPS lock. It only transmitted temperature, humidity, and pressure,
with location at (0.000, 0,000), however we were asked to fly just our APRS
on the next EOSS launch as part of the STEM outreach, so we will get the
GPS portion of the APRS payload fixed up by then. Our other two payloads
worked great, however.

I created a webpage with all of the details of the launch right here


Here is a youtube video of the launch


I am still analyzing the crazy amounts of data for our Field Mill payload,
so that information is not up yet.

I would like to thank the people who donated! This launch would not have
been possible without their support.

Skyler KD0WHB

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