[amsat-bb] Is this the correct Doppler.SQL entry for NO-84?

hdskullfire2 . hdskullfire2 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 17:31:46 UTC 2016

Wondering what others have in Doppler.SQL entrys for NO-84?

As of now I have the following on a single line and I'm not sure this's all
that's needed.. I'm using SATPC32 to track, IC-9100, and FLDIGI for PSK31.
Initial results were I can hear the stable beacon and some psk signals
(with hard drift).

My doppler.SQF is this at the moment..."NO-84,435350,28120,FM,USB,NOR,0,0"

I've not made any other entries anywhere else. One issue...My IC-9100
appears to be tuning Ok, but it ends up at 435.340/28.120 each time. not
centered on 435.350 like the doppler.sqf file calls out.

Any recommendations..??

Steve NS3L

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