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Thu Mar 3 20:07:25 UTC 2016


This is very likely the explanation for my lack of data decoding. If
it's only sending two frames at a time, the likelihood of missing data
during a transmission is much higher than when the satellite is sending
dozens of frames in a transmission. 

Thank you. 

Steve AI9IN 

On 2016-03-03 13:18, David G0MRF wrote: 

> Hi Steve.
> It will send 2 frames every 2 minutes unless the transponder has been activated.
> When the transponder is activated you get data while it's in use and for about 30 seconds after the last person finishes speaking
> - Same story here in the UK. Lots of passes before dawn, but nobody transmitting- So that usually get me about 12 - 16 frames of data compared to 80 - 110 for a really nice pass.
> 73
> David
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> I tried to catch the 1005 UTC pass of AO-85 this morning for data
> collection. I figured with an 88 degree elevation I couldn't miss. It's
> perfect for my eggbeater antenna. But, using HDSDR and Foxtelem, I only
> saw about 3 or 4 short transmissions spread out over the whole pass. I
> didn't decode any data. 
> Does AO-85 only transmit slow DUV when there are voice transmissions?
> Were the short transmissions that I saw the "fast data" stream? Was
> anyone on voice on AO-85 this morning? 
> Thanks for your help! 
> Steve AI9IN 
> EM79ji 
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