[amsat-bb] Free content from six satellites via Outernet (APRS?)

Daniel Cussen dan at post.com
Wed Mar 2 11:37:17 UTC 2016

On 02/03/2016, Outernet Team <hello at outernet.is> wrote:
> Is that mini geo definitely going up? If so, when is the launch? The idea
> you are proposing makes sense. We have three UHF cubesats that should be
> complete by May. I'm sure there are ways to work together on that.

It is part of a large geostationary satellite due to launch at the end of 2016
I assume at this stage all the equipment is more or less ready waiting
for the launch. It is listed on this page as late 2016:

Many European stations are getting ready to receive signals with a
slightly modified TV LNB, connected to around a 1m dish. Narrow band
uplink will probably need a 1m dish and a 10W amplifier on 2300Mhz.
Wideband DVB-S uplink is possible but I assume it would need a much
larger dish. There is a narrow band DVB-S format with reduced
bit-rate. I have lots of experience in this area.

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