[amsat-bb] Free content from six satellites via Outernet (APRS?)

Dani EA4GPZ daniel at destevez.net
Wed Mar 2 09:45:39 UTC 2016

El 02/03/16 a las 03:15, Daniel Cussen escribió:

> An interesting idea was if this was on an amateur geostationary
> satellite. The soon to be launched amateur one over Europe/Africa will
> probably have a beacon or carrier, but what if that carried the
> outernet data.

I think this could be a problem with the regulations for Amateur Radio
in several countries. Outernet content is taken from Wikipedia, Youtube
and so on. Probably not something you can retransmit freely over Amateur
Radio. Also, doing this would probably be considered broadcasting, and
Amateurs aren't allowed to broadcast, other than for calling CQ and
beacons transmitting a limited amount of information.

However, Bob's idea may still be good for the Amateur geostationary
satellites. Retransmitting the whole APRS-IS traffic is probably OK with
the regulations. I'm wondering how much bandwidth would be required for

EsHail'2 will be carrying a linear transponder, so in principle there is
nothing which prevents a ground station from retransmitting this kind of
traffic through the linear transponder, as long bandwidth is OK and if
this is considered a good use of the transponder (in principle, it is
designed for SSB and other narrowband modes).


Dani EA4GPZ.

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