[amsat-bb] Free content from six satellites via Outernet (APRS?)

Daniel Cussen dan at post.com
Wed Mar 2 02:15:08 UTC 2016

You can see the bit rate here:
It is a 90kbps downlink with pre-determined content. (The speeds could
be increased if they paid more to the providers. The tuners are
capable of receiving much more)

An interesting idea was if this was on an amateur geostationary
satellite. The soon to be launched amateur one over Europe/Africa will
probably have a beacon or carrier, but what if that carried the
outernet data. The receiving dishes would need to be bigger (depending
on bit-rate error correction). That would instantly give 1/3 world
coverage with uplinking possible (uplink would need 10 watt 2300Mhz
amplifier) The uplink sharing could be controlled by the downlink. I
am not sure a HF return channel would scale,

Coverage and frequencies here:
It is designed to handle DVB-S downlinks are per Outernet standard.

On 01/03/2016, Robert Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote:
> Global Ham channel?
> We should find someone to work with the OUTERNET folks to add an amateur
> radio channel to their downlink.  Their satellites could provide
> connectivity to 99% of amateur radio operators on earth.  In addition, Ham
> Radio can bring to OUTERNET an uplink capability that they currently don't
> have.  And the uplink can be from the same remote areas where there is no
> service...

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