[amsat-bb] DXCC & HamSats

Kevin M n4ufo at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 1 15:27:03 UTC 2016

Has anyone else experienced enhanced propagation on the birds???Sure... RS-12/13's primary mode was Mode K: 15m uplink and 10m downlink. I worked OK1DIG while the bird was over North America and he was no where in the footprint. In fact, there was a ham that worked DXCC on RS-12/13 alone, arranging Mode K skeds with hams in various countries. At the time, we called it 'skipping' into the bird since one station was using 'skip' propagation to hear and work the bird while the other station was in the footprint.

That said, there are no more Mode K birds around...we barely have Mode A. BUT, if one was likely to be able to do any 'enhanced propagation' it would most likely need to be Mode A, since you would need 'enhancement' on both the uplink AND the downlink to complete a QSO. But that is going to be far rarer than the Mode K skipping and I just can't see Mode B of Mode J doing it since it would require some form of enhancement on UHF as well. For that to line up just right would be extremely rare. Maybe something equatorial, but still rare.

73, Kevin N4UFO

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