[amsat-bb] SatPc32 phantom satellites

Jim White jim at coloradosatellite.com
Sat Jul 23 15:40:07 UTC 2016

Thanks for the explanation.
Would it be cleaner to delete all the old sats loaded in the table when 
the user switches to a different list? The current behavior is 


On 7/20/2016 12:06 AM, Erich Eichmann wrote:
> Jim,
> If you want to track other satellites from a different "list" (that 
> means from a different source file) use the "Groups" feature (menu 
> "Satellites").  You can create "selected" lists  for up to 12 groups. 
> You can select the source file you want to use with the particular 
> group. The selection will be saved when you click the "OK" button in  
> menu "Satellites". When you later select a group the program will 
> unload the previously loaded satellites and read the new data from the 
> selected source file and display (only) the satellites selected for 
> the group.
> With your methode  (loading another source file  and selecting a 
> satellite from that file while you are tracking the satellites from 
> another source file) one or more satellites from the previously loaded 
> source file  can  remain loaded. If the second data file is shorter 
> than the first one it will not overwrite all data lines of the first 
> file and the satellite data from these lines will remain loaded until 
> you restart the program.
> 73s, Erich, DK1TB
> Am 17.07.2016 um 23:38 schrieb Jim White:
>> When I switch to a satellite in a different keps list and select just 
>> one sat to be visible and be the active satellite one or more sats 
>> from the previous list continue to show up in the display.  I have to 
>> select the new sat twice before the old ones disappear.
>> Example:
>> I had 6 sats in the display from the 'amateur' list.
>> Using the satellites menu I switched to the 'cubesat' list, selected 
>> just one sat, made it visible and made it the active sat.
>> Clicked OK and one of the sats from the 'amateur' list continues to 
>> be visible in the display along with the cubesat I just selected.
>> Back into the satellites menu and my selection of the cubesat list 
>> and the one cubesat has disappeared.  Selected the cubesat list and 
>> the one satellite again, back into display and the one from the 
>> amateur list is still visible along with the cubesat.
>> Into the satellites menu and now cubesat is selected and my one 
>> cubesast is shown in the selected box, and when I OK that back to the 
>> display the phantom one from the amateur list is finally gone.
>> How can get the program to take the changes I make to what is 
>> displayed and tracked the first time?
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