[amsat-bb] New to satellites or seasoned operator

Bruce kk5do at arrl.net
Thu Jul 21 20:55:35 UTC 2016

If you are new to satellites or even a seasoned operator, AMSAT has a 
variety of awards for you.

The first is the Satellite Communicator's Club - This award is for 
making your very first satellite contact. No QSL card is required. 
Simply apply for it at the AMSAT online store and then drop an email to 
me that you purchased the award. In the comments of the award, enter the 
station you worked and date/time.

The next award is the Satellite Communication Achievement Award - This 
award is for making 20 contacts with different states/ve call areas/dxcc 
entities. Sorry, you cannot use Hawaii and Alaska for a DXCC entity and 
a state. We will count them both as states. This award does require you 
to send copies of your QSL cards or screen shots of your LoTW contact.

Add another 40 states/ve call areas/dxcc entities to your original 20 
above and you earn the Sexagesimal Award for 60 contacts.

Then add another 40 states/ve call areas/dxcc entities and you get the 
Century Award for 100 contacts.

AMSAT also has the South Africa Satellite Communication Achievement 
Award - This is for 25 contacts with any station, any where (all can be 
from your same city, state or country if you like). These contacts must 
be made on phase 2 LEO satellites.

The final AMSAT Award is the Robert W. Barbee Jr. (W4AMI) Satellite 
Operator Achievement Award - To earn this award you must have made 1,000 
contacts with any station on any satellite (multiple contacts with the 
same station is allowed if on different days or different satellites). 
Endorsements are provided for each 1,000 contacts and a special 
certificate is issued for your 5,000th contact.

To see all the awards and see who has earned each visit 
http://www.amsat.org  click on Services and then Awards

Do not forget awards issued by other groups such as the ARRL VUCC, ARRL 
DXCC, and ARRL WAS. Then there is the Central States VHF Society Reverse 
Grid award. Finally the Got Grids award issued by starcommgroup.org



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