[amsat-bb] Worked All States over satellites!

Fernando Ramirez framirezferrer at gmail.com
Sun Jul 17 05:01:25 UTC 2016

Good evening fellow satelliteers!

I would like to share the news and publicly thanks the people that help me make it happen. 

Today, during the SO-50 pass at 15:46, I made contact with KB1PVH in New Hampshire and completed my Work All States Award requirement. The pass was very challenging since it was only 6 degrees for Arizona and KG4AKV was going to activate Blue Ridge Parkway in NC. I waited for a break, called him and heard his call back a coupe of seconds later.  The QSO took place when the satellite was 3 degrees above the horizon and almost setting behind the Patagonia Mountains in southern Arizona.

The WAS application has been submitted to the American Radio Relay League. I used 49 LoTW confirmations and will send a paper QSL from a contact with WH6XM in Hawaii.
*Time it took me to work ‘em all: 9 months, 16 days.
*The hardest states to get: the ones in New England, Hawaii and Alaska. 
*The majority were worked over FM satellites, with only HI, AK and FL worked over FO-29. 

The list at the bottom shows the stations I worked from each state. To all of them, thank you! Also grateful for the support from colleagues like W1PA, KG5CCI, W5PFG, AC0RA, N6UA, N4UFO, N8HM, KI4RO. A special thank you to WD9EWK for his technical and moral support and encouragement!

Now, to keep looking for a FM QSO with my homeland, Puerto Rico!

Fernando, NP4JV

Alabama, KC4LE
Alaska, KL7R
Arizona, WD9EWK
Arkansas, KG5CCI
California, K6FW
Colorado, W0DHB
Connecticut, W1AW
Delaware, N6UA
Florida, W4UOO
Georgia, K4RGK
Hawaii, WH6XM
Idaho, KG7EZ
Illinois, AA9LC
Indiana, WB9YIG
Iowa, W5PFG
Kansas, KG5CCI
Kentucky, KJ4EU
Louisiana, KG5FQT
Maine, N1AIA
Maryland, N8HM
Massachusetts, KB1PVH
Michigan, KD8CAO
Minnesota, NR0T
Mississippi, KX9X/5
Missouri, KG5CCI
Montana, WC7V
Nebraska, KE0FJI
Nevada, N6UA
New Hampshire, KB1PVH
New Jersey, W2HRO
New Mexico, W5PFG
New York, WU2M
North Carolina, N4UFO
North Dakota, W0N
Ohio, K8YSE
Oklahoma, AF5CC
Oregon, KL7CN/W7
Pennsylvania, NS3L
Rhode Island, KC1EXK
South Carolina, KO4MA
South Dakota, W0LSB
Tennessee, W4DTA
Texas, N8RO
Utah, N6UA
Vermont, N0VVV
Virginia, KA4H
Washington, KE7JIM
West Virginia, KI4RO
Wisconsin, W0N
Wyoming, N6UA

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