[amsat-bb] Using SATPC32 with FT 847 cabling Com port to USB

Jim Jerzycke kq6ea at verizon.net
Sat Jul 16 23:10:13 UTC 2016

It depends on when your '847 was built.

Some of the early radios were "one way", and later ones had full "two 
way" communications on the serial port.

The following is from the "Supercontrol" FT-847 FAQ page:

Yaesu appears to use the following format for serial numbers on their 
amateur products:

Year of manufacture-Month of manufacture-Production Run-Individual Unit 
number, where the month of manufacture is offset by 2, so "C" means 
January, "D" means February, "E" means March, and so forth.

Example: 8G051234 = 1998, May (fifth month, or "G"), Production Run 05, 
unit #1234 in this run.

One key serial number range is 8G05. This seems to be the point at which 
Yaesu had corrected the bi-directional CAT issue 
<http://www.supercontrol.de/cat/ft847faq/page4.htm#catcontrol> and made 
some other improvements. This version was made in May 1998. Later serial 
numbers (e.g., 8L09nnnn) all seem to have incorporated the earlier 
improvements plus new ones.

Thanks to Barry W4WB who wrote in with the correct information.

Yes, the serial port on the FT-847 requires a null modem adapter, per 
page 91 of the operating manual. A null modem gender changer will work 
just fine. I use a Keysapn 4-port USB to serial converter to eliminate 
having so many "dongles" floating around on the desk, and I purchased 
9-pin null modem cables with the correct sex connectors on them to 
eliminate having gender changers.

The SatPC32 "changelogs" will tell you exactly what changes were made 
between the various versions if you're interested. Upgrading to 12.8c is 
completely painless as long as you follow the instructions.

73, Jim  KQ6EA

On 07/16/2016 10:03 PM, Cruzio Email wrote:
> I am setting up my registered  Satpc32 Ver. 12.8a with a desktop with Win
> 10,  with only USB ports.
> My radio is an FT 847 with a DB9 com port.  I have a Shaxon  RS232 Serial
> to USB adapter cable.
> The FT 847 CAT  and the adapter both have male DB9 connectors. Therefore I
> need a gender changer.  I was confronted with Null Modem  gender changers
> which got me to thinking.
> I believe the communication to the FT 847 CAT port is one way, but since it
> is a serial Com port, I need a null modem interface somewhere in the
> computer to FT 847 CAT port cable.
> So would someone confirm my thinking,  should I use a Null Modem gender
> changer?
> Another thought while I have such a great panel of experts, since my Satpc32
> program version  is 12.8a should I upgrade to 12.8c?
> By the way, I am also using a LVB Tracker box.  I have removed the MAX232CPE
> IC and I am connecting to the USB input without any consideration as to Rx
> to Tx  wiring changes.
> I could figure all of this out with trial and error, plus some expense, but
> I'm sure others have had these same questions.
> Thanks, Allen WB6RWU
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