[amsat-bb] Using SATPC32 with FT 847 cabling Com port to USB

Cruzio Email allen at cruzio.com
Sat Jul 16 22:03:53 UTC 2016

I am setting up my registered  Satpc32 Ver. 12.8a with a desktop with Win
10,  with only USB ports.

My radio is an FT 847 with a DB9 com port.  I have a Shaxon  RS232 Serial
to USB adapter cable.

The FT 847 CAT  and the adapter both have male DB9 connectors. Therefore I
need a gender changer.  I was confronted with Null Modem  gender changers
which got me to thinking.

I believe the communication to the FT 847 CAT port is one way, but since it
is a serial Com port, I need a null modem interface somewhere in the
computer to FT 847 CAT port cable.


So would someone confirm my thinking,  should I use a Null Modem gender

Another thought while I have such a great panel of experts, since my Satpc32
program version  is 12.8a should I upgrade to 12.8c?


By the way, I am also using a LVB Tracker box.  I have removed the MAX232CPE
IC and I am connecting to the USB input without any consideration as to Rx
to Tx  wiring changes.

I could figure all of this out with trial and error, plus some expense, but
I'm sure others have had these same questions.


Thanks, Allen WB6RWU

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