[amsat-bb] Band designators, Modes (age and stubborn)

Mark Lunday mlunday at nc.rr.com
Wed Jul 6 20:35:23 UTC 2016

Echo Bob's comments.  Although not at the end of the scale, it only takes a
few nudges to get me there.

And regarding AO-85 and Fox-1A or Fox1 or whatever it's now called...I find
it easier to track by the 5-digit numerical unique ID assigned to each
satellite (yes, I am a computer geek accustomed to that type of

No, I don't memorize the ID, but with many satellites having AA-## AND a
name, it's difficult to tell who is referring to what when I read about a
particular bird.

So it's like converting the local Time Zone to GMT and back, with a handy
Excel Spreadsheet list.

Mark Lunday, WD4ELG
Greensboro, NC  FM06be
wd4elg at arrl.net

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