[amsat-bb] MY struggles with AO-85

Ken Alexander k.alexander at rogers.com
Sat Jul 2 00:22:50 UTC 2016

In several attempts I have yet to hear myself on the AO-85 downlink.  
finally, after playing with SatPC32 this evening I realized it tells me 
pretty well exactly where I should be.  I ran through an upcoming pass 
to see what it tells me and the result is tabulated in the following 
table.  First column is time (UTC), second column is the fine freq to 4 
decimals and the third column are frequencies I can actually enter in my 
TH-D72 with its 5 kHz frequency step.  435.170 at AOS confirms what many 
ops have told me in the last few days.  What I forgot was how fast the 
frequency changes as AO-85 passes through its maximum elevation; the 
middle 3 minutes will be busy!

Anyway, I was pleased to "discover" this and hope the information will 
give me what I need to finally make a QSO or two.  Now I just hope I 
don't get rained out!


Ken Alexander

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