[amsat-bb] Mode K (fact and fiction?)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Jul 1 13:15:46 UTC 2016

> The late John Branegan, GM4IHJ (CDR, Royal Navy)
> did a lot of good research on Mode K using the RS birds.
> ... an effective way of... satellite DX despite today's low orbits.

Thanks!  Ill research it.  The over the horizon DX aspect is what everyone

And that is what I want to study.  My theory is that with the variability
of the ionosphere, that just as much as there is enhanced
beyond-the-horizon relay some times, there is also times of no-path
because the ionosphere at low elevations is bending the path away from the

My theory is that hams like DX and remember the GOOD DX, but then
conveniently forget all the times when the link was dead.  So  I think
what I hear from "the good ole days" has to be taken with a grain of salt
since the dead band days are not as memorable as that rare double bounce
hop to timbuktoo.

So far, no one has described how often they could not even hear the bird
or get into it even though it was in range.  I think that is the data that
is missing?

HFSAT in 2018?

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