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Juan Jose Sanchez Denis jsdenis at gmail.com
Mon Jan 25 22:10:10 UTC 2016

What do you think about these amps?


The HPA-155 and HPA 480

73 de Juan EB2FVT

El lun, 25-01-2016 a las 10:56 -0900, Edward R Cole escribió:
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> I looked into the Toshiba Module solution mentioned, and it is a pretty
> decent solution, but my problem with it was filtering.  Those modules
> are great but have pretty bad third harmonic and spur rejection.  This
> means that final stage filtering will be required to stay within FCC
> limits (I think -60 dBc is the requirement, can't remember off the top
> of my head).  The W6PQL reference is fantastic and is closer to a good
> solution because he has the filtering problem solved in his designs (you
> may have to get the filter board separate for the 70cm design, I think
> he includes a filter in the 80W 2m Amp design).  For the budget
> conscious, this is the path I would recommend.  I would probably look
> into using the Toshiba modules with lower output power (single digit
> Watts) as a driver for something like a Mirage Amp (that I think has the
> final stage filtering built in).
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> The W6PQL board is wide-band and one only needs to use proper value 
> bypass capacitors and wind coils for 435-MHz.  Not saying that is 
> trivial but that is all that would be needed for filtering using that 
> pc board.  In the past others made generic pc boards for using the 
> Toshiba modules.  This is going to require some engineering to 
> accomplish or you can spend big bucks and go the Kuhne Engineering route.
> I assume anyone using the Ettus B210 is willing to do that.
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