[amsat-bb] Ettus B210

Edward R Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Mon Jan 25 19:56:31 UTC 2016

I looked into the Toshiba Module solution mentioned, and it is a pretty
decent solution, but my problem with it was filtering.  Those modules
are great but have pretty bad third harmonic and spur rejection.  This
means that final stage filtering will be required to stay within FCC
limits (I think -60 dBc is the requirement, can't remember off the top
of my head).  The W6PQL reference is fantastic and is closer to a good
solution because he has the filtering problem solved in his designs (you
may have to get the filter board separate for the 70cm design, I think
he includes a filter in the 80W 2m Amp design).  For the budget
conscious, this is the path I would recommend.  I would probably look
into using the Toshiba modules with lower output power (single digit
Watts) as a driver for something like a Mirage Amp (that I think has the
final stage filtering built in).

The W6PQL board is wide-band and one only needs to use proper value 
bypass capacitors and wind coils for 435-MHz.  Not saying that is 
trivial but that is all that would be needed for filtering using that 
pc board.  In the past others made generic pc boards for using the 
Toshiba modules.  This is going to require some engineering to 
accomplish or you can spend big bucks and go the Kuhne Engineering route.

I assume anyone using the Ettus B210 is willing to do that.

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