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Fred- Get a elchepo rotor, point the antenna up at about 25 degrees, and you're good to go. Also check out Norms Rotor Service http://www.rotorservice.com/prod1%20rotor%20sales.htm 
Check out hamfests for Alliance U100 rotors. In my opinion stay away from egg beaters, they're sort of ok, but many people usually "graduate" to yagi's. 
Good luck 
73 Bob w7LRD 

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Please excuse the newbie. I have been receiving signals on SSB, CW, Packet, and FM via just listening for a while now. I am newly back into the satellites as I used to work the high elliptical orbit birds years ago. Let my license lapse and just got it back and upgraded. Now getting the satellite bug again and have really tried researching on the net but am a bit frustrated by the paucity of az-el rotors available. It seems that there are primarily the Yeasu G-5500 type at $700 to $800 or more or make your own and really no in-between. I am looking to have a permanent installation that could track both az and el and preferably be controlled by SatPC32. I am thinking of starting with a small single antenna with both 2m and 70cm on it (i.e. Arrow or other) which would present very low windage. When I initially got re-interested I was imaging a cheap solution with TV rotors but I don’t see any folks doing this and I would prefer not to have to set my antenna solution up every time I want to work the satellites. Am I missing something or could someone point me to an article or reference that I am not aware of? I really appreciate all of the collective experience in this group and thanks for your time! I am using a Kenwood TS 790A without the 1.2 Ghz installed. 
Fred Castello, KF4FC 
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