[amsat-bb] Az-El Rotors

A. Kevin Arber kevin.w3dad at gmail.com
Mon Jan 25 10:06:16 UTC 2016

Hi Fred,
If your working the current crop of LEO sats, then you don't need an AZ/EL
setup.  Just AZ will do with the Arrow antenna set to about 20 degrees
elevation.  I control my HD-73 with the Easy Rotor Controller (ERC) using
SATPC-32.  Very simple and works well with the  Arrow.  Get you started
without too much invested.

On Sun, Jan 24, 2016 at 11:13 PM, Fred Castello <fredcastello at gmail.com>

> Please excuse the newbie.  I have been receiving signals on SSB, CW,
> Packet, and FM via just listening for a while now.  I am newly back into
> the satellites as I used to work the high elliptical orbit birds years
> ago.  Let my license lapse and just got it back and upgraded.  Now getting
> the satellite bug again and have really tried researching on the net but am
> a bit frustrated by the paucity of az-el rotors available.  It seems that
> there are primarily the Yeasu G-5500 type at $700 to $800 or more or make
> your own and really no in-between.  I am looking to have a permanent
> installation that could track both az and el and preferably be controlled
> by SatPC32.  I am thinking of starting with a small single antenna with
> both 2m and 70cm on it (i.e. Arrow or other) which would present very low
> windage.  When I initially got re-interested I was imaging a cheap solution
> with TV rotors but I don’t see any folks doing this and I would prefer not
> to have to set my antenna solution up every time I want to work the
> satellites.  Am I missing something or could someone point me to an article
> or reference that I am not aware of?  I really appreciate all of the
> collective experience in this group and thanks for your time!  I am using a
> Kenwood TS 790A without the 1.2 Ghz installed.
> Best,
> Fred Castello, KF4FC
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