[amsat-bb] [Starcom-bb] SatPC32 & AO-85?

R.T.Liddy k8bl at ameritech.net
Mon Jan 18 23:44:47 UTC 2016

Here's what worked for me. (There were other suggestions, but I stopped whenI tried this and figured I'd stop while I was ahead and didn't mess anything else up!)
Run SatPC32Click of the "?" (It's the Help Dropdown)Bring your cursor down to Auxiliary Files, then over to Doppler.SQFClick on Doppler.SQF and a Notepad File will come up (unless you're defaulted to some other text editor)Scroll down to the end of the Satellite Listing just before the line beginning with a ";"Add a blank lineType in the appropriate Satellite info per the instructions provided in the lines beginning with the ";"'s-OR- In the case of AO85, you can paste in the following line:  AO-85,145978.0,435175.0,FM,FM,NOR,0,0,FM VoiceBe sure NOT to leave a blank line in the file!Save the edited Doppler.SQF file and close NotepadClose SatPC32 and Re-Start it. The Freq Info will be at the top of the Screen where it belongs.
If you need to do this for other Satellites, follow the instructions at the bottom of the Doppler.SQF File.
GL/73,      Bob K8BL        (AMSAT # 6593, since 1979)
P.S. If the above formatting is hosed up, it happens in the AMSAT BBS and I don't know why. I typed it correctly.      For whatever reason, the Starcom-bb BBS passes my e-mails through correctly as typed.
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How did you all do it.

Funcube, AO-85 and the EW's and Hope have no frequencies.
Did you edit the KEPS ?
warmac51 at aim.com
Warren McCluerAI4AK 
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SAT Group,
OK, got it fixed with the great help from the SAT Community!!!
Thanks to N8RO + WA4NVM, WC7V, NK1N, K4FEG, KB1PVH!!!
It's a blessing to have such helpful folks at the ready to help when needed!!
TNX/73,    Bob K8BL
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 Subject: SatPC32 & AO-85?
I have SatPC32 Version 12.8c and have just added AO-85 tomy Selected List. However, the screen does not show the Uplinkand Downlink Frequencies in the top-middle of the Display Mapas it does with the other Satellites I've Selected. I've had to searchfor the correct frequencies and adjust for Doppler manually.
Anyone have a suggestion for getting SatPC32 to display the Freq's?
TNX/73,    Bob  K8BL   (EN91 at the moment)

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