[amsat-bb] operating on cruise ships

Lee Ernstrom lee.ernstrom at rcwilley.com
Fri Jan 15 05:54:39 UTC 2016

Good point John.  Next time I will take the radios and then ask permission.  Not the other way around :)


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> On Jan 14, 2016, at 2:54 PM, John Papay <john at papays.com> wrote:
> Doc,
> I think the better approach is to take your radio
> equipment with you, and once you are on board, ask for
> permission.
> If you operate on the ship and make contacts and don't
> have permission as required, none of your contacts will
> count.  We haven't had any challenges in the VUCC program
> in recent history but if contested you may have to prove
> you had permission.
> Lots of people operate on grid lines and don't document
> their operation as required by the VUCC rules.  If someone
> challenges and you can't substantiate you were on
> the line using one of the methods described in the rules,
> your contacts could be invalidated.  That would be an
> embarrassment for the operator as well as the station claiming
> credit.
> There is more scrutiny with DXCC.  I've worked many
> DXpeditions that did have their documentation and they simply
> didn't count.  When I went to Rurutu and the Marquesas I had
> to submit my license and copies of my passport showing when I
> arrived and when I left.  Sometimes you might be asked for
> airline tickets for the local flights, receipts from your
> hotel/hut etc.
> By the way, our Samsung Microwave quit during the holidays.
> No display; nothing.  We will have them come out to fix it
> when we get back from Florida in April.  Other appliances
> are working fine!
> 73,
> John K8YSE/4
> EL98rd
> John Papay
> john at papays.com

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