[amsat-bb] Cruise with Amsat!

Jeff Breitner lists at rudn.com
Sun Jan 10 16:18:30 UTC 2016

On 1/9/16 11:14 PM, Clint Bradford wrote:

> Overhead costs to AMSAT-NA? Virtually nothing. Largest attendance
> ever of any AMSAT show in history? Guaranteed.
> Unless the same minds who thought up "let's take a cruise" are in charge
> of it ... only then could someone mess up so simple a concept to bring
> educational sessions to the largest audience.

Pulling off remote sessions like that have a very real and potentially 
large cost because it is far beyond the scope of GotoMeeting or 
Facetime.  In order to not have it look like a high school television 
station newscast, you need to pay professionals who do this sort of 
thing for a living.

I do not disagree that making these sessions available to the widest 
audience possible is important, and that there are some benefits to 
leveraging the internet to do so.  But it's not cheap.

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