[amsat-bb] Pass Satellite Tracking - Rotor & Rigs

Pedro Converso pconver at gmail.com
Sat Jan 9 18:02:01 UTC 2016

App available at http://amsat.org.ar/pass.exe for download.

This application is an upgrade on web app http://amsat.org.ar/pass.htm

To control Rotor/Rigs, run concurrently WispDDE Driver. (
http://www.mederoscnc.com/CX6DD/wispdde/wispdde.htm )

Thanks for fine comments and suggestions on pass.htm .

Congrats all for excellent satellite activity shown on amsat-bb.

If You care to try pass.exe, comments, changes, additions, welcome.


Best 73,
lu7abf, Pedro Converso

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