[amsat-bb] Polarity

Joe nss at mwt.net
Sat Jan 9 14:51:23 UTC 2016

Cross Polarization.

We all know that vertical to vertical = Zero db loss from cross 
same with horizontal to horizontal


Right hand circular to RHC as well s LHC TO LHC

And then in theory, the "Infinite loss"  when vert to horiz, and RHC to LHC
But while in theory it says "Infinite" in practicality it's more like 30 
to 40 db or so.

Now I did notice this effect when I had an antenna array that the db 
loss was NOT linear.

Like say at 45 degrees of polarity error, being half way in a linear 
world would be 15 to 20 db loss, but according to this pdf file it is 
only 3 db down.

And I do agree with this because I do remember when rotating the 
polarity little change was noticed till the last bit and the max deep 
part was very small.

Now does anyone know of a chart anywhere where the values for every 
degree of something really is? Like 45 deg is 3 db down,  50 deg =? 55 
deg =?  etc.


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