[amsat-bb] PSAT still going and going...

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Jan 8 02:54:27 UTC 2016

PSAT seems alive and well, supporting both APRS digipeating on 145.825 and
PSK-31 on 435.350 FM downlink (28 Mhz uplink).

I love a satellite that needs no care most of the time (unless some of our
other ground stations are doing it and I’m clueless as usual.)

Anyway, I just checked the downlink page http://pcsat.findu.com and see a
handful of users over the last two weeks since I last checked.  Orbit clock
“s#058612” shows 586 orbits and 12 minutes since last reset, and that is
about 40 days.  I do notice that most telemetry is coming down in the dark
(S# sun vectors mostly 0000’s) so it is in the dark over the northern
hempiphere these days.  But seems to be holding up.



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