[amsat-bb] New Distribution of Core Concepts Survey

Brandon Shirley Brandon.Shirley at sdl.usu.edu
Tue Jan 5 19:45:07 UTC 2016

To whom it may concern,

Dr. Stephen Clyde & Brandon Shirley in the Department of Computer Science at Utah State University are conducting a set of surveys as part of Brandon's PhD research to find out more about software development practices and attitudes in the space industry.

You have received this email because of your interest in or involvement with the space industry. We greatly need your participation. We are asking that anyone that has insight into in software development that relates to space industry participate in this survey. The beginning of the survey has background questions that will give context to your responses.

The survey set is currently made of six surveys, listed below, that will be distributed over the course of a few months. You have a chance at receiving a gift card for participating in this survey as well as a chance at receiving a gift card for your overall participation in the entire survey set. There will be seven drawings for gift cards: one drawing for each survey and one overall drawing for the survey set. For each survey-specific drawing, two participants in that survey will be selected at random to receive a $25 gift card. For the overall drawing, two participants from the pool of all participants of any survey will be selected to receive a $200 gift card. At the end of this survey, you will be redirected to a webpage that asks for an email address. You must enter a valid email address to be considered for this surveys drawing or the overall survey set drawing.

Each survey stands on its own: opting to not participate in one survey does not exclude you in any way from participating in any subsequent surveys. Likewise, participating in one survey does not obligate you to participate in any subsequent surveys. The surveys are as follows and will be distributed in the following order:

1) SISDPA : Core Concepts
2) SISDPA : Development Preferences
3) SISDPA : Open Systems Architecture and Modularity
4) SISDPA : Security
5) SISDPA : Reuse, Interoperability, Portability, Code Complexity
6) SISDPA : Network
You can you use the link below to access the Core Concepts survey.

We greatly need your participation and your responses to the surveys will make a meaningful contribution to this research while allowing you an opportunity to reflect on you current software development practices and how these practices affect the projects on which you have and will work. This survey set will be used to determine the path of future research, as well as increase the body of knowledge that relates to software development practices and attitudes in the space industry.

You can access the Core Concepts survey of the Space Industry Software Development Practices and Attitudes survey set using the following link:


You can copy and paste the following URL into your address bar.

We plan to send out one reminder email a week until the survey closes. The duration of the survey will be two to three weeks. You will receive the reminder email regardless of where or not you have participated in a survey. The subject of the email will read "Reminder Email..." for these weekly reminders, and "New Distribution..." at the start of a new survey.

See http://brandon.bluezone.usu.edu/Files/LOISpaceSoftwareAttitudes_Final.pdf for the Letter of Intent (LOI) that explains your role as a participant should you choose to participate. If you have questions please direct them to Brandon Shirley, via email b.l.s at aggiemail.usu.edu, the LOI lists additional contact information. 

Once the survey set is closed, we will analyze the data, and generate results. We will seek publication of these results in a conference or journal.
This is a legitimate request for you participation, if you have any questions about the validity of this email you may refer to the Letter of Intent, contact Brandon Shirley, via email b.l.s at aggiemail.usu.edu, or Utah State University's Internal Review Board administrator at (435) 797 - 0567 or email irb at usu.edu. 

Note that the Core Concepts Survey was previously distributed. If you participated in the survey already then please visit the survey link and you will be given the opportunity to provide your email for entry into the Core Concepts Survey drawing as well as the overall survey set drawing.


Brandon Shirley
Mobile: 435.994.9165

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