[amsat-bb] Some DUMB hints about using SatPC32 computer aided tuning

Ted k7trkradio at charter.net
Sun Jan 3 23:53:44 UTC 2016

Good stuff, Burns.

Also, for those that use HRD, remember, SATPC32 will not make CAT connection
while HRD is running. (If you wanted to view the better graphics that are in
the Sat portion of HRD, you can start and run the Sat program by itself
without starting HRD. Just pull the shortcut from windows)

73, Ted

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I had CAT working once upon a time, but recently it has not.  I don't know
what I changed when, but I could not get it to work at all until I spent
several hours trying different things, and finally found the (duh) really
dumb problems.

1)  I have a TS2000.  I'm pretty sure that I saw somewhere that you have to
check the +12VRTS check box in Setup/Radio to make it work for the latest
version of SatPC32.  I'm not sure if it has to be, but it works when it IS

2) Check the serial cable.  I had the right one, and knew that I did (it
generally wants straight through, not null modem).  But apparently somewhere
along the line a connector had come loose.  Tighten them all down!

3) And here is the penultimate killer:  In the Setup/Radio dialog box, when
you check your manufacturer, you'll see to the right a "Model" label and a
pull down to say what model of radio you have.  But that "label" is actually
a pulldown too.  Select "baudrate" instead of "Model" and SET THE BAUDRATE.
(I was sure I had seen it somewhere and that I knew what I had set it too.
But I was wrong).

4) The ultimate killer in my case:  The TS2000 needs to be power cycled
after you change its baudrate (menu 56 for those who care) before it takes

I hope this helps someone!


Burns W2BFJ
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