[amsat-bb] want to have some fun ?

Dani EA4GPZ daniel at destevez.net
Mon Feb 29 20:23:03 UTC 2016

El 29/02/16 a las 13:26, PA3GUO escribió:
> For those that are bored with 1k2 from cubesats ..
> GRIFEX (437.485) is this week sending data at 19k2 (FM).
> Quite easy to decode using 
> - 16 element horizontal yagi
> - SSB preamp + 10 meters Aircell coax
> - FUNCube dongle (the old one)
> - SDR# (on Windows 10)
> - UZ7HO soundmodem (on Windows 10)
> Remarkable to see how reliable & stable data download can be at higher
> speeds.
> With no new investment in equipment !
> It may not be for many more days, so give it a try before it switches
> back to 9k6 (did you try that already?).


Back when these birds where launched I successfully received several
19k6 packets from FIREBIRD FU-3 and FU-4 with just a handheld Arrow yagi
(7 elements on UHF) and a couple meters of coax into a FUNCube Dongle
Pro+. I would expect the same to be possible with GRIFEX. Just take a
high elevation pass, where path loss is lower. Signals were quite strong
with the 7 element yagi, so perhaps even a lower gain antenna can be
used. I think the FIREBIRD sats still transmit 19k2, so you may want to
try these also.

As software, I used direwolf.

73 and good luck decoding GRIFEX in 19k2,

Dani EA4GPZ.

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