[amsat-bb] Help with SatPC32 ans an ICOM 910H

Douglas Phelps dphelps1 at ameritech.net
Sun Feb 28 22:31:02 UTC 2016

I had SatPC32 working just fine on a Windows XP computer.  The tracking worked, the cat control worked (Yaesu 847).  The XP computer no longer works and I am trying to migrate to Windows 10 and I cannot get SatPC32 to work with my IC-910H.  Some things I have tried:
Setting the 910H and SatPC32 for address $60.  When I got the 910H, it was set to address $7C which was not a choice in SatPC32 so I changed it to $60.
Both SatPC32 and the 910H are set for 9600 BAUD.

On the antenna side, I have an fox Delta st3 which no longer has a manual but I don't think it is talking to SatPC32.  I have tried both straight and crossover RS232 cacles (which one is correct?)
I have spent 2 days trying every combination of everything I can think of.  When I installed on XP, everything just worked.
Any one with a 910H or Fox Delta ST3 have any suggestions?

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