[amsat-bb] Open Systems Architecture and Modularity - New Survey

Brandon Shirley Brandon.Shirley at sdl.usu.edu
Fri Feb 26 17:41:03 UTC 2016

To whom it my concern,

*** I tried to send this out last week, and it appears to have bounced because my signature was attached. ***

I'm Brandon Shirley, I am conducting a set of surveys about space systems and software development for my PhD research at Utah State University. I really need your participation. There is a chance to win some gift cards. Please see below for more information and the link to take the survey. The survey should only take about 10 minutes. Reading this wordy email will probably take more time than actually taking the survey. Thanks.

I sent you this email because I thought you might have relevant experience and greatly need your participation. The second part of the survey has background questions that will give context to your answers. Try to fill the background out the same way if you take more than one of the surveys.

You can you use the link below to access the Open Systems Architecture and Modularity Survey.


Answer as many of the questions as you want, partial surveys may still be very helpful. At the end of this survey, you will be redirected to a webpage that asks for an email address. You must enter a valid email address to be considered for survey  drawings or the overall survey set drawing

We are currently on the 3rd survey, Open Systems Architecture and Modularity.

You have a chance at receiving a gift card for participating in this survey as well as a chance at receiving a gift card for your overall participation in the entire survey set. There will be 2 winners of $25 gift cards for each survey and 2 winners of $200 gift cards for the survey set.    

The surveys are as follows and will be distributed in the following order: (participate as you see fit)

SISDPA : Core Concepts                               
SISDPA : Development Preferences                         
SISDPA : Open Systems Architecture and Modularity   <========= We are here =========
SISDPA : Security
SISDPA : Reuse, Interoperability, Portability, Code Complexity
SISDPA : Network

Brandon Shirley, MS
b.l.s at aggiemail.usu.edu

See http://brandon.bluezone.usu.edu/Files/LOISpaceSoftwareAttitudes_Final.pdf for the Letter of Intent (LOI) that explains your role as a participant should you choose to participate.

This is a legitimate request for you participation, if you have any questions about the validity of this email you may refer to the Letter of Intent, contact Brandon Shirley via email at b.l.s at aggiemail.usu.edu, or contact Utah State University's Internal Review Board administrator at (435) 797 - 0567 or email irb at usu.edu.

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