[amsat-bb] Need help with Satscape running on MAC

Dobarrows dobarrows at aol.com
Sun Feb 21 23:47:36 UTC 2016

I have been using Scott Hather’s Satscape program on myMacBook for 
several years now, but I have yet to solve a minor problemwith it.
When I started up Satscape, I went to 2D control.  This brought up 
two more windows. The first new window showed statistics for the
satellite I selected. The second new window showed a map with orbits
of  my favoritesatellites. So far, so good.
Next I dragged the map window around using the mouse to geta better
look at the map. Then I got out of Satscape then got back in.  Now, when
I selected 2D control, the second new window (map) waspartially
Covering up the first new window  instead of being adjacent to the first
new window with no overlap.
No problem – I thought.  I will just move the map to where I wanted it to
be when I restarted Satscape the map window was once againoverlapping 
with the first new Window (with the stats).
Is there any way to make Satscape remember where I placedthe windows
when I shut it down? Is there any way to get the initial display positions back?  I 
have reinstalled Satscape a number of times but it shows noinclination
To display the windows as it had on my initialinstallation.  If I could find
where the settings are stored I could replace them, but Ihave no luck 
so far.
I am running MAC OS X 10.6.8 and Satscape12.7.14.  Any help would
be appreciated.
Dave W8IJ
dobarrows at aol.com

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