[amsat-bb] Decoding Chubusat2/3 telemetry

Jeff A. Boyd the2belo at msd.biglobe.ne.jp
Fri Feb 19 15:54:46 UTC 2016

Of course, I meant Chubusat 2 and 3. Oops.

On Fri, 19 Feb 2016 10:11:11 +0900, "J. Boyd (JR2TTS)" <the2belo at msd.biglobe.ne.jp> wrote:

> I'm of the understanding that the Chubusat-2/3 satellites that were just
> launched on Feb. 17 will be transmitting telemetry data in 9600 baud
> GMSK, in KISS protocol. 
> With satellites in the past there have been programs written to decode
> and save this data in .kss format, but I can't seem to locate any such
> programs for the Chubusats. Does it require its own program, or is there
> a general one that would be used for this purpose?
> I have a brand spanking new FUNCube Dongle Pro+ and want to DECODE ALL

J. Boyd, JR2TTS/NI3B
the2belo at msd.biglobe.ne.jp
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