[amsat-bb] Decoding Chubusat1/2 telemetry

J. Boyd (JR2TTS) the2belo at msd.biglobe.ne.jp
Fri Feb 19 01:11:11 UTC 2016

I'm of the understanding that the Chubusat-1/2 satellites that were just
launched on Feb. 17 will be transmitting telemetry data in 9600 baud
GMSK, in KISS protocol. 

With satellites in the past there have been programs written to decode
and save this data in .kss format, but I can't seem to locate any such
programs for the Chubusats. Does it require its own program, or is there
a general one that would be used for this purpose?

I have a brand spanking new FUNCube Dongle Pro+ and want to DECODE ALL

J. Boyd, JR2TTS/NI3B
the2belo at msd.biglobe.ne.jp
Twitter: @Minus2_C

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